missing that moment

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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missing that moment was an everlasting torment.

it was tasting a feast with a only spoonful, and being forced to be sent outside and watch the rest disintegrate in midair.

the most excruciating pain is to actually love, and know in the end that the love that you have will never be completed, will never be whole.

it was a moment that brought the best in both of us, a moment that fashioned the masterpiece that we were called to be. but that was also the same moment that have brought about the rust of time and antiquity.

it was one of the best few words and actions that have touched and caressed. it was that time when warmth meant so much amid the winter’s chilling envelop.

it was the furnace that have shaped every contour of the art, it was the pastel that have brushed every color and distinct shade of this art.


and in the end, it was the art of forgetting, not the art of creating. it was the art of learning how to let go, to let the very ambers that have kept you warm burn every page that have scribbled the memories within.

the colors would serve the purpose of blurring the shapes and contours. they would soon darken every known vision of the said art, creating its own oblivion.


i have loved you for those short warmest moments…bt never have i thought that the very colors and warmth that we have created, were the same embers and shades that would soon dissolve our connection.

i still miss that moment with you…


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