on kissing and forgetting…

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

a single touch between two entirely different entities just brings about a form of mystical energy. a force that somehow emanates true passion and affection.


but then again, there are those moments, when being forgotten is all that makes things perfect…


the slightest touch could revive each breathe and pulse with a distinct sensation for more…and such yearning is as struggling to exist..a longing to breathe and beat with the scent and melody of passion unveiled for a few moments…


that is how things begin and sadly end…a blissful few seconds, and a painful lifetime to spend without it…


but better live a moment that was worth every short millisecond, than to exist for countless ages, without having the melody in each heartbeat, or the fragrance for each breath…


such were the small drops that formed the great oceans of life. small dreams. short prayers. youthful aspirations…these all made the great ocean a body of life, a sea of myriad dreams, a plethora of prayers and hopes and aspirations for the tomorrow that horizons on it’s coast.


and yet, somehow, when it rains, we are reminded of how vast the great ocean is, and of how insignificant we may be…and yet we thrive to exist, to be creatures who have degrees, diplomas and titles. yet never a humanity-a humanity that is conscious of every breathing-living moment. a humanity understanding the essence of actually closing his eyes for that small dream, a humanity that whispers the sincerest heartfelt short prayer, and a humanity that never trampled on the aspirations of others, and uses his as a pedestal for the rest of his kind…


a humanity that shares that single touch with another living, beating and breathing soul. and a humanity that answers each forgotten moment with a dream, a prayer and an aspiration for a new day…


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