empty screen

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

sitting infront of an empty laptop screen infuriates me…

it seems that the world is drained enough of intellect that even creative imaginative juices fail to ooze from nubile minds…

what i see as teh predicament to this slow decay of our moral fabric, teh endless influence of media, technology that cripples us from rational thought and a whole lot more.

i see walls of social identity opening freely to teh liberalities of social inconsistencies…

the earth that once begged for a clearer statement of a lengthened truth now yearns for a whisper of hope, for a slight glimpse for that answer-which grows bleaker in its possible appearing.

as i see, the world is in a social confusion, with a worldwide acceptance and tolerance for such pandemonium. these marked evils became ‘differences’, ‘customs’, and other verbal garbage with a cherry on top.

to me, times have been calling us to return to our roots of humanity. teh core values of humanity that once fed the veins of the earth and gave breath to the living souls who tread upon her skin.

i breathe, realize that life is a second chance. a chance in every second. soon, i hope to fill teh empty white lines in my laptop screen with something sensible.

something that teh world will soon hear out. something that would fuel teh old veins that have dried from mediocrity and apathy.ideas once flourished in every heartbeat, and now, i felt teh slow poison of depression and frustration seeping.

heartbeats became beats… breathing became oxygenating.and living became mere existing…


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